Verizon Wireless Reverse Phone Search - Looking Up Verizon Numbers in Reverse Search

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Verizon Wireless reverse phone search can help you identify unknown numbers that show up on your missed call list. Most of the information surrounding those unknown phone numbers can be obtained through search engines or by using the Verizon Reverse Lookup site, however, the information is purely limited to numbers that are can be viewed by the public. Other types of numbers are listed as private numbers or cell numbers. As a rule, it is illegal for mobile phone wireless providers to provide phone directories to the public. The United States Congress is in the process of passing a law prohibiting any type of mobile phone directories to be created or made available. As of the moment, the only way to find people by phone no. is through private reverse search sites.

Finding a Verizon Number Online

There are other ways of locating a Verizon phone no. even without an official Verizon directory on hand. You would need to do extra research online though to find these sites. For example, you can use sites like Reverse Phone Detective to check whether the number belongs to a Verizon customer. This site provides very accurate search results. It also offers one-time search options, money-back guarantee, and friendly customer service. This site has the most up to date database for cellular numbers. You can even conduct a preliminary search on the site for free. If you would want further information such as complete address, complete name of the owner, business, and other information, you would need to pay a certain fee.

When looking up for third-party providers, makes sure to exercise caution. Because of the abundance of these providers online, the reliability and the cost can vary significantly. In addition, some of these "free cell phone lookup sites" are really frauds. What they do is they sell your mobile number and information to data brokers once you have signed up in their database. In the end, they will just redirect you to paid cell phone lookup sites.

Conducting a Verizon Wireless reverse phone search is not that hard once you can find reliable sites that can achieve the results you want.

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