Welcome To The Machine

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Dear Reader,

I hope you will take time to think about what I say in this article- many will recognize it as something they already knew, others it may come as a shock to.
Don''t be scared by the information you will read- it will help set your mind free.


Believe only half of what you hear and half of what you see...
The theory of life being an illusion may make for good movie making or story telling, but what if the theory was true.

Imagine a World created and designed by scientific mind-control artists which have manipulated many aspects of life including the manipulation of technology and even our thoughts.

1. The television has been designed to manipulate brain waves. A romantic movie
can make you cry, a violent movie can make you angry or sick, a comedy can make you laugh. Advertising networks use spectrums of light such as extreme brightness, flashing, colours, images, sounds and key words to make you want to buy something- to make you remember the advertisement. Watching too much television in the dark can damage your eyesight, and watching television on a sunny day with the curtains open can also damage your eyesight because both cause your eye''s focusing lenses to strain.

2. Music is an expression of emotion through sounds, often with words which carry a message. Rock music can make you feel tough and angry. Pop music can make you happy. Some classical music can make you feel sad. Any type of music, when produced amplifying the high and low frequencies can cause annoyance or ear damage. Ultra high frequencies (the treble range) can make you mad, far too alert or even crazy or violent. Ultra high treble can also be used as a method of torture.

3. Different chemicals and drugs can alter your perception of what you see and hear. When you are tired and drink caffinated liquid before watching television or using a computer forces your brain to wake up, yet your eyes will not focus naturally but will also be forced to strain to focus, which causes migraines. Alcohol makes you drowsy, and watching television when drunk can make it difficult to comprehend the programme, and make you more tired as you strain to
understand what you are seeing and hearing, causing migraines.

4. A credit card,mortagage or loan is another trick, an illusion which will be explained later on...

Now let''s assume that history itself, as documented in books and encyclopedias, is actually an account of a long- gone past, before an experiment of what I will refer to as Earth Computer Simulation (ECS), designed by top scientists and computer programmers a very long time ago- unmeasurable in years because it happened so long ago. We now exist in the 21st Century,so we are told. Perhaps we actually live in the 21st Century computer simulation, which is a mix of physical reality,(yes, we do exist on Earth!) and mind-controlled reactions (are we individually programmed by a super-human alien race in space somewhere??).

Our planet Earth is brilliant, potentially a place of peace and goodwill, yet it is full of flaws and oppressive laws, corrupt rich control-freaks and elite leaders who are aware that they have the money,power and control over our lives with their decisions. Those decisions have created the cities,towns and lives we lead, yet have destroyed so much of humanity by being oppressive to cultures which are simply different. The white race is the most control-freak of all races. The majority of capitalism and development has stemmed from white power which has involved oppressing other cultures, killing opinion and quashing uprising and protest.

So let''s also assume that our very minds, thoughts and decisions are programmed into us from separate independent computers,located possibly somewhere on Earth or in deep outer space. As individuals we have a great ability to educate ourselves and improve our lives, meaning that if you are not satisfied with your life, career or health for example, The Earth Computer Simulation (ECS) program can be altered or corrected from within planet Earth itself- by you.

By this I mean we have the ability to use money to buy things to improve our own lives- like good food, good clean water and good clothes, other luxuries, and educate ourselves to obtain better jobs and careers.But perhaps the current planet was designed to control every individual separately- so that we conform to a schedule-the program which was designed to make our planet go in one direction and not end up with millions of independent free thinkers. Maybe we cannot actually truly make a decision to do anything of our own free will, because we might be receiving computer-commands from a satellite which tell us each what to do, day-to-day,
throughout our lives. You might hear of ''the game'' , or ''the experiment'' when you get into mind control and free-thinking. How much of our independent thought is actually independent? Are we merely receiving static-computer commands from a personal computer with each day that passes by, unaware that we are being controlled to say and do whatever we are being programmed to do by some computer? Are our minds slaves to ''the machine'' and will we ever escape the commands we receive.

Perhaps the World is a mix of physical reality and electronic mind control. Has our World been designed by an evil force that oppresses some cultures, so that only white powercontrol the majority of people on Earth, and so make white people the richest and most powerful?
What about the problems on our Earth- the starving millions, the diseases that kill millions, the wars that kill millions? Again we can change these things if we were just able to get our hands on enough money. I don''t mean a couple of billion dollars, but hundreds of billions of dollars.

So if we accept that our lives are a simulation- an existance which was designed by cloning and then deliberate segregation between religions,races and cultures you probably ask- why? Why have countries been at war with each other, religiously dominated and politically oppressed? Because- that''s what has been archived in the history books. Imagine that millions of years ago our existance happened exactly as it is spelled out in historical books, with centuries of oppression, white power domination, Christian dominance, economic corruption suiting the elitists and World leaders who claim to be ''President of the World'' and that sort of controlism. Those in control of white countries now hold more power and influence over business and wealth than any other culture, and to make sure that they maintained control of theie power they archived the decisions they made, arranging the decisions to oppress uprisings, control wealth for their own needs, designing economic systems to keep the majority poor and dumbed-down. The majority of hard working people earn little, can do little and have little but a house and a few luxuries. Average Joe and his family don''t have power to stand up against politicians and oppression because Police and Army are employed to quash uprisings, to protect the elite and the political decision makers. Perhaps the political structure as it exists today was designed to maintain white power and elitism, and is archived in computers from a time millions of years ago.

This theory can be boosted by the cloning theory. Have humans been ''designed'' - or cloned a long time ago?
It makes sense that if a computer-controlled world system was designed to maintain the elitists grip on the World as it is today, then somebody would have cracked their code a long time ago, and educated the public for a revolution against the controllers,elitists and politicians who enslave nations, oppress people and take the money and power for themselves.But if the decisions we make are programmed, then we have to beleive that those revolutionaries against the powers-that-be may have themselves been either terminated or placed into a dumbed-down World of mind control. There could be some key revolutionaries who once freed the majority from oppression who are now simply leading a different life, unaware of their past-life leadership and achievements of cracking the controller''s code. So are we living in a post-triumphant World, where the people who had succeeded in breaking the chains of oppression are now being ''programmed'' into a dumbed down state. the majority of people watch the mind control device called the television. They spend all their time glued to it, brain in neutral and taking in hours of pointless information and sounds. People are dumbed-down by the television. It is a hypnotic mind control device,conveniently taking up your time so that you do not educate yourself about the bigger picture- the mind controlled world of power and elitism, greed and corruption.

Our existance may have been replicated- our religious leaders and basically everybody who exists today, existed a long time ago.
It is very possible for DNA experiment scientists to have dug up remains of millions of people and used their remaining body tissue to then clone it for a scientifically-designed future. Many of us have had blood tests- we have given our DNA via blood samples, and when we die the majority of us are surgically embalmed, our blood may have been removed millions of years ago and DNA put on ice in storage, our details logged in a database. The majority of us may have been replicated a long time ago.

This World is a delicate object, and whether you are a sceptic of the end of the World, chances are that the world as we know it- that of billions of people died a long time ago. Wars kill millions of people, disease kills millions, famine kills millions- storm floods,earthquakes,volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and sea level flooding all could have wiped out so many people millions of years ago that scientists realized that people were slowly being killed off, from natural disasters, famine,disease,war, car accidents, murders and from natural death causes.

So what the scientists did to make sure that civilisation did not die, was to take our blood samples and then re-create the World piece by piece until we came into existance- starting with the earliest samples of homosapien species that were found on Earth during excavations, and replicating them, while replicating humans in other parts of the World- the Aboriginal race, African race, Asian race and the caucasian race. It is a relatively simple process of populating the Earth with humans who would reproduce and give birth to more generations, and to watch the process of human civilization grow and grow, archiving the progress of humankind as they progresses naturally. Our DNA could have been altered to make us better at resisting diseases, and by getting tetnus shots, tuberculosis shots, influenza shots we are saved from extinction and demise. Those are some of the possible good things about the ''experiment'', that we were saved from extinction and recreated.
So for thousands of years we have been living in a designed World of computers and ''remote-controlled thought'' , being controlled by independent computers somewhere, reproducing by natural means and merely playing out the archived history,playing out a scientific experiment which we have no way of avoiding.

But what truly happens when the World comes to an end, from a meteor or comet hitting planet Earth hundreds or thousands of years from now ? Does a scientific experiment then start to recreate the last 2 thousand years of history, by taking our stored DNA and recreating humans in laboratories and sending them into different countries as crusaders, sworn to keep the secret of the experiment a secret? Are a few hundred thousand people brought back to life to populate different key countries, to work as slaves under the rule of the crusaders? Were our religious and political leaders recreated to control simple minds into believing that God created everything, meanwhile they were the few who knew of the ''experiment'' , and could not tell the truth , that the public were created as slaves after an apocalyptic event to re-populate the World?

So over millions of years the human race has been manufactured to become what it is today, steered in one direction by design and manipulation. Our political and religious leaders passed on learning, wisdom and ancient stories- the first level of education.
Perhaps the scientists laboratories are under the Earth, currently observing the development of their experiment- observing the people in the current ''simulated'' World of design and control, programming their thoughts and decisions to achieve order and to give the riches and power to the current elitists. Maybe it is the current elitists who set up this sontrol-grid system, to maintain their ''superiority'' above the public, the dumbed-down people who know nothing about much of this but are glued to televisons instead?

Part C:- The Human Brain, Altered By DNA Manufacturing:-
Not only could have our bodies been changed, but the very core of our body, the brain could be a semi-altered organism, capable of being programmed more easily. The brain works on electronic signals, just as the heart creates micro-volts to keep it pumping. It was a long time ago, when human beings did not think independently whatsoever, and only a few people had wisdom,knowledge and understanding of abilities to create technology- which is evident from inventions. How did those few people become more intelligent to invent electricity, computer aprts, splitting the atom? It all happened a long time ago- those people were gifted, had brains which were more perfect in their natural formation, and since then scientists have simply replicated those brains by changing our DNA structure to include DNA of say Einstein''s brain, yet the rest of our DNA is our own original self- from our own bodies.

If you look up ''trans-human cyborg technology'' on the internet, you will find many articles on how humans could be (or already are) computer-chipped beings... How could that be possible you ask? I recall the NASA super-computer being unveiled a couple of years ago, and read up on the atomic-sized components that the computer uses- capable of calculating binary digits simultaneously- in computer one''s and zero''s at the same time. A standard home computer can calculate binary independently, first a one then a zero, not simultaneously. In theory billions of calculations could be done at the speed of light by the new NASA super-computer, as opposed to the standard home computer which can only calculate data or mathmatical sums at the speed at which the processor will allow it to, because standard processors become overheated and slow down and can only run at a specific speed. An atomic NASA computer can work far quicker-at the speed of light and doesn''t overheat because the components are atomic sized and do not store heat- thus won''t slow down. The industry ''Sony'' created the cell processor- the organically grown microchip which could be just an indication of technology is available today. Maybe a far more powerful computer has already been designed- the human brain, grown organically and capable of receiving signals which control our movement, thoughts,actions and reactions. Has the human brain been engineered a long time ago to be better at learning?

There is another aspect of our simulated existance- the fact that the human brain can be destroyed by heavy drinking, over-eating, too much sleep, too much exercise,lack of oxygen, drugs of all kinds, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol etc.

So if we have been ''designed'' a long time ago, and our DNA was changed so that we grow with a genetically created super-brain, an ''Einstein''s brain'' inside our skulls, why do many people do better in life, learn more and others do not.
When we grow from day one we all absorb different nutrients via the womb- some of us inherit DNA from small parents, some inherit DNA from tall parents- some fat, some thin and so on... So we are all unique and different, yet if the human race has been re-created to have a smarter brain , our brains could be replicated from specific blood groups. I won''t say each and every one of us has Einstein''s replicated brain, but most of us have similar brains to those in our own cultures, which stem from our most family trees. It is difficult to say when scientists started collecting our DNA- did scientists find remains of beings been found frozen in permafrost thousnds or even millions of years ago from a natural catastrophe or massive nuclear war that killed most of humanity? Were we re-created after the catastrophe to have more powerful brains, which were easier to control by designing them with organic-electronic receivers that pick up command signals? Are we living in a remote-controlled body?

Part D:- Utopia- A Dream That Pleases The Rich, And You Are Their Slaves...
A lot of us are similar height,weight,looks and even in our thoughts. Thought is something we develop independently, from education of our World. Some of us listen and do well at school- others do not. Some don''t get an education and cannot percieve what a scientifically created World means. Many only believe that God created us all as equals. If we were created as equals- then why don''t we all have great technical abilities, be great at mathematics, be able to paint like Da Vinci, write music like Mozart or pop songs like the Beatles or Sting?

Why don''t we all have equal talents, so that we can all earn a fortune? With wealth we could eradicate war, famine, diseases... because we could all afford everything if we were all millionaires... Imagine it. We are all equals. Food and water for everybody. Medicines to combat all diseases made available to everyone. Good sewerage drainage systems to keep our towns and villages healthy. No bombs or weapons or violence...
It''s called Utopia. A perfect World that could be perfect. With today''s amount of money stored in various countries, we definately could eradciate poverty, famine and disease anyway. We definately can educate people in most countries with some of the wealth. But it seems as though our lives are a system, a prison of poor and weak oppressed by the wealth of the powerful. So if this world is a scientifically created replica of another time, why are there so many flaws- why do billions live in poverty?

The structure of power has been harboured and developed by World leaders over hundreds of years. The quests of Kings and Queens and religious groups have sought to take the majority for themselves and keep the people as workers, as slaves. That is what the labour market is- a slave system. People have been oppressed by violent Kings and Queens, leaders of all kinds for centuries, and we see the greed of humanity as it really is when we examine video reports and journals from around the World, comparing the different cultres and races, identifying poor nations and pointing out rich nations- and by reading history of our leaderships as they have progressed to become richer, more powerful and more violent toward the poor and the slaves over time.
The billions in poverty, the oppressed Africans taken to slave in America and Britain have risen up to fight oppression of white power,and dicatorship. Some have protested for democracy,for independence from white power, some against their own regional leaderships.Some countries have achieved their own independence, some have failed.
Some and us working class who can barely make ends meet- we have better city infrastructure. Some countries have much better quality of infrastructure and better opportunities for their citizens, some get good investment, wheras other countries have little investment... and many millions of people work for nations as slaves, for a dollar or less per day.

Why has the quality of life in white, western countries been so much better than in other nations? Was the system designed to keep the non-white races oppressed?

Why are there so many people in the World who accept that they can do little to change the ''program'', the scientifically created prison that we accept as ''life''. Our wages are low, our taxes are high, our expenditures are high. Billions are in poverty, crying out for help, for a better life- yet our rich leaders in some countries have only created machines to program us with happy thoughts- and pumped our head full of jargon through the television to keep us brainwashed and quiet- dumbed down is the expression.The news broadcasts pump out the usual scandalous lies and corruption of political speeches,the reports of hundreds of billions of dollars earned by corporates and financial sectors of the World. So many little gadgets and inventions fill our time and we have spent probably a few seconds in a week thinking of those working as slaves for less than a dollar per day, of the impoverished nations where disease and famine exist, where the millions perish from hunger and lack of medical help.

Modern cities are full of copius amounts of drugs like alcohol to numb and wipe the brain clean of knowledge, nicotine to addict us to smoking which kills 15 million people per year from cancers. And then we are told to ''respect the leadership in Washington'' or ''honour the Queen and Crown'', praise the Chairman of the corporation for being heroes when all they do is fiddle with numbers in a computer to make themselves richer..fiddling with ones and zeros in a database to suit themselves and oppress others...
Others are told to just worship God and the Prophets, and put their faith in religions, but really there are millions of human rights activists and anti-war activists working hard to fight for equal pay, equal opportunities, peace and an end to oppression and poverty,famine and disease. What has the World come to?

Big corporations made massive profits that were not accounted for, and were sent to remote islands and tax-free parts of the World. Billions of dollars and pound sterling robbed from economies and ending up in bank accounts of ''tax-havens''- the 50 or more locations around the World which hide the corporate and elite wealth and profits,and where the money of Monarchs, dictators and criminals is kept. Where has the the money gone that people worked for, and gave in good faith to pension funds, investments and pyramid schemes which ended up going broke. Where did all the money go to?
It is on planet Earth, that''s for sure. It probably exists in tax-havens which our Governments have promised to close down- yet the tax-havens still exist, and latest word is that new tax-havens are being created to hide more money- our money. Most of the money though is not in physical notes and coins- it''s existance is in computer form, existing on harddrives and wired to the tax-havens from locations around the World where accounts are not checked.

Corporations can donate to foreign political parties or to foreign charitable organizations which do not pay tax or have to reveal their incomes, who in return can donate to charities without being monitored. The money existing in computer accounts on harddrives or USB stick can then be easily transported to locations where the harddrive disk or USB stick contents are read and dowloaded into tax-haven computers. If the money was wired through the internet or private servers then the money transfer might be intercepted by Police or other financial authorities. Think about it, private planes taking a man in a suit with a small USB stick in his pocket to the tax haven on some small island, where the money is downloaded onto a tax-haven bank computer and kept secret.
How many private jets have been the carriers of public money to these tax-havens?

The financial programs that have been created and used to take investor money have stolen hundreds of billions of dollars and kept in a tax haven. Maybe some World leaders are in on the secret, and know where the locations are. Various investigations point towards 50 such locations around the World which are considered to be tax-havens, and some of our World leaders have vowed to close the tax havens down and retrieve the money, yet how can we trust that the money will actually be retrieved? Will we see a list of the countries which hold the money, and a list of the money actually retrieved?

Having said this, how can we stop the creation of tax-havens? It is as simple as transferring money from harddrive to USB stick and then downloading it onto another bank computer in a new location, in a new bank or isolated country or island. It is important that people realize just what has been done with our money. The money hidden could be used to fund wars, create new investments, new industry in countries,be given to dictators in exchange for oil contracts, where profits made are not monitored, and then transported back to the new tax-haven. If we actually do retrieve most of the money it could be used to combat famine,disease and improve lives in the Third World and developing nations. It could be used to build flood defenses across the World, to stop flooding in villages, towns and cities-saving lives, farmland and livestock.

Don''t let that spoil your t.v. dinner though.
It''s not like I want you to have an attack of conscience...

Part E:- Mind-Controlled Masses, Television and Music...
People need to be educated, and not overly-consume drugs, alcohol or indulge in too much television. You can''t learn much from Rambo and other violent movies, you can''t learn much from cartoons or soapies which all promote violence, or from violent computer games. They may be entertaining, or stimulating, but those sources of entertainment simply train our brains to become comfortable with violence, and when you turn on the evening news to enjoy your t.v. dinner, you are unaware of the pain and suffering that people feel in parts of the World who are bombed in their villages and homes by our ''powerful'' leaders.
What kind of power is that which our leaders use? It''s called conditioning the mind to ignore the impact of reality, and to simply make us ignore the human impact- so that we switch over to the movie channel and watch mindless Rambo violence.

How many of you watch the news and see people blown to bits and say- ''That''s awful, it''s making me sick...'' and then you turn it over to Rambo which you actually sit and enjoy, because it has a backing sound-track of bravado-style music where Rambo the hero rushes in, blows up a whole village of enemies and saves the future of a country??? So many people only enjoy their violent programmes, and some just love their intricate science fiction or comedies- watching them over and over until the videotape wears out- putting their minds in a ''GroundHog Day'' trance?

Music in programming is also able to put you in a trance. Positive-sounding happy music in a violent film tricks the brain. It makes you feel good when you''re actually seeing something extremely horrible. That''s mind control for you. It''s brain manipulation, to condition you to absorb information through the television and to not think , but to sit, braindead and observing images which are synchronised with the noises, sound effects and the music. At the end of it you might feel fatigued because your brain has struggled to process a lot of images and noises, which are generally nonsensical and non-educational. You can learn a lot by switching your idiot-box off (the television)- and turning to the internet. Use the net to research topics that you are interested in- not just videos or music.

Type something into the Google search engine, look up trans-human cyborg technology, and most of what you are reading here will make perfect sense.

Part F:- Nano-Chipped Brains Make Good Spies...
The human brain can be manipulated in so many ways, and in the future it may be possible to simulate the human brain using a computer, which could mimick thoughts, emotion, dreams and actions. What if we actually exist in a computer world? What if the future has already arrived, and people are human-cyborgs? It could be possible...Many people already believe that a human being could be ''manufactured'' by cloning to make a person 100 percent perfect and identical, like the cloning experiment of ''Molly the sheep'', but in reality the person could have been cloned to create body doubles in the World -decades,centuries or millenia ago, in laboratories which exist either in outer space or in laboratories deep underground... Just how useful would cloning a human be?

The usefulness of a body double in the World of spies and Government agencies would be a tremendous advantage to those who could, for example, create a perfect cloned politician from DNA , and then ''grown'' in a laboratory, just as ''Molly the sheep'' was cloned. What if the DNA of a famous politician was taken a long time ago, along with many millions of volunteers, and used to recreate a World that we now live in? We accept everything we hear on documentaries about how long humans have been on Earth, the creation of technologies in the 20th Century, but how long ago could our human race have actually been recreated?
Perhaps millions of years ago humans existed, but in a different technologically inferior period of existance. We may not have realized what our industries were doing to the planet, and how population rise would overcome the ability to provide basic needs like food, water, oil,housing and medicines...
If humans were cloned at that point, millions of years ago, then we could be living in a computer- generated simulation of that period. Everything that occured,as logged in history books could have been recreated to generate a cloned planet of an existance long ago, one that was carefully watched over by scientists at the time, and re-invented to become what it is today- a repeating program which is actually flawed with war, famine,disease and oppression.

In a World of spies and espionage, it is possible that a very long time ago a spy could be made from a very famous person or a World leader, like a politician- who was cloned from the original human existance before disaster or war killed humanity, and brought up by such scientists, to be ''programmed'' or simply put, taught to be a spy against other nations, or their own- and had an atomic-sized nano computer chip inside their brain. Perhaps the brain itself is a genetically altered super-brain, capable of storing massive amounts of information and when fused with a nano-chip could tap into the part of the brain which controls eyesight and hearing. The chip may be able to record information which the chipped clone sees and hears, and later removed to be downloaded onto a computer for scanning. Perhaps the chip itself is the brain- a massive organic network of cell processors, able to store information like a normal computer harddrive. The cell processor by Japanese makers Sony use a small one in their Playstation 3 box. The brain itself is so many times the size of the small chip, and stores memories.

One example is the ordinary cockroach. Recently scientists found that they could insert a nano chip inside a baby cockroach which was used to control the cockroach movement, and the suggestion was that Governments could use the insect as a spy device with future nano-technology and transmitter inside. As the cockroach developed into a full adult cockroach, the computer chip would be surrounded by the insect''s body tissue, so the cockroach would not reject the computer chip control device. In theory you could insert a computer chip into a baby human brain, and as the baby grew up, the computer chip would not be rejected by the human body. It is possible therefore that the science has been perfected and humans are not all 100% human. Some may be manufactured by
using DNA of kidnapped or dissident human beings, such as protestors. Government-spy agencies with advanced technology could already be using organic cell processors which are inserted into the cloned baby''s brain and grown into Government spies, recording information via the chip through the eyes and ears.

It may be possible to make full size adults in a laboratory by recreating the human body limb by limb and vessel by vessel, although it may sound too difficult to achieve, unless a method of fast-growing chemicals are given to a baby to make the human grow into an adult within months or a couple of years. We can already create miniature crops ,so in theory some kind of ''growth-hormone-chemical-engineering-method'' could be used to force the growth of a baby into an adult much quicker than by natural growth.

One scenario where a cloned-fast-grown-adult-human could be used would be for spy agencies, who could obtain DNA from blood tests from hospitals and clinics. Some countries may have already done this. In a fantasy situation for example, a politician could be created from DNA samples, which could then be altered to fast-grow a clone, with a computer chip inserted into the human brain. This is where it could get very technical. In reality,our lives are documented on computers,and the information we provide makes up a story of our lives. Every photo we have, every holiday snap, every doctor visit, our education, credit card purchases and internet web search can be documented, and used to program a clone to learn every aspect of anybody'' person''s life, assuming there is enough information to do so. The clone could then be used to spy on their collegues, with the information being uploaded to a computer and transmitted to a super-computer spy agency.

Our own thoughts though are private, as humans- they only get documented if you write them on the internet or send them to a newspaper or magazine...or if you write an autobiography...all the information you provide could help to program a clone. If you can imagine collecting millions of DNA samples from around the World, the you could recreate cloned beings in the future. Perhaps we exist in this simulated/created World, which is re-initiated from blood samples by scientists later in the future when humanity is destroyed for whatever reason, and all the scientists have to do is recreate important famous people in each country around the World, programming them to be much wiser than the majority of surviving humans after the modern World comes to an end. Then the natural circle of life happens, and the history just simply repeats itself. But this seems to be to improbable. How can life repeat itself naturally, without direct intervention from scientists? Anything could go wrong, any one person accidently killed or dies of disease and the whole experiment could go wrong. That is why it makes more sense to realize that we are cybernetic beings- living organisms which see and hear things because we are electronically programmed and controlled in so many ways to see and listen. Some people are relatively dosile and do not think past the storyline of an action movie, yet some are great thinkers and invent things,just as our modern world has been created by technologically advanced humans or other beings. If our brains can be programmed to make us physically do things then we have little control over our thoughts, as they could be ''wired'' to us continuously from supercomputers-each of us having our own supercomputer or hardrive sending us our thoughts and controlling our day-to-day movements. Our reactions,sense of humour and awareness,feelings and emotions might all be be really have control over.

Part G:- Back To The Future
Remember what I said about this existance being a replicated scientific clone of an existance a long time ago? Perhaps not so long ago, about a hundred thousands years ago it is possible that a clone of a politician could have been fast-grown from DNA from blood samples, and could have been chipped and then replace the original politician. How would they do that? Body guards of a politician are also blood tested for illness, disease,drugs and viruses. In theory, a rogue Government could have obtained millions of DNA samples of people, including Government body guards DNA , especially current politicians and body guards, who would have given blood samples to doctors many years or even decades ago. The DNA samples could have then been stolen or bought for the right price by an enemy Government agency and taken back to their country to be cloned. Then using the documented history of the politician or body guard, a clone could easily be brought up from computer files kept from another life, and educated, learning about their original clone''s life. As the Government-spy-clone grows up, he or she learnss to be a Government spy, working for the benefit of their country''s leadership. This would be possible, especially if the Government-spy-clones are kept in underground facilities, and grown quickly using fast-growth-hormone-therapy, and learn everything possible about the person they are cloned from, as much of who we are is documented on computers.

This could get very dangerous in the future, because if spies have already been created, then a Government-cloned spy could infilitrate top secret facilites using thumb-prints and iris scanners and voice detectors which would recognize the person as the real original human, unable to detect a perfect clone.

Part H:- Obamatron, The Cloned Political Spy...
Try to imagine a scenario, using the information I have supplied, where a politician is kidnapped and replaced with a clone. The body guards would also have to be kidnapped and cloned. So by using DNA samples and the fast-growth-method, cloning could have been done years before the politician is kidnapped.
Let''s say for example that President Barack Obama was kidnapped on a visit to China or Japan, and his clone had already been ''fast-grown'' in advance. Obama''s clone and body guards could also be kidnapped, replaced during a private Government-Head meeting, and returned to America to spy on day to day activities of the WhiteHouse, Pentagon or any aspect of political life where information would be recorded and transmitted to satellites via the eyes and ears and a tansmitting chip in the brain or body. Politicians are chipped anyway, in case of kidnap, so the chip would only have to be altered to become a transmitting chip and then inserted into the same position in the clone. That way if the Obama clone which returned to America was checked over by the doctor, nobody would be able to tell the difference. Sorry for stealing President Obama for an example, but it''s an indication of the type of technology that is probably available, and the DNA cloning and spy-scenario.

This may all sound like science fiction, but it could have already been done, and not just to a famous person, but the method, as I have said could be used to create fast-grown-spy-human-cyborg-hybrids, capable of recording and transmitting everything to a supercomputer.

Here is where the possible scientific application could be developed furthur, and I will have to elaborate to furthur explain how we might all be hybrids. When you were born, your DNA could have easily been taken, and nano-bot chips inserted into your blood which lodge in your brain. Or the chip may have recently been implanted in your blood when you had your flu jabs or tetnus shot
when a dog bit you, or when you went overseas and got a multi-jab to safe-guard you from tropical diseases and influenza. The nano-bot could contain a code unique to every person who recieves them- you could then be be tracked
by radar capability if the nano-bots were transmitters, or you could be traced using scanning equipment.

Virtually every person has had an injection from the doctor, and you cannot see nano-bots with the naked eye. If you believe this is possible, then how about a specialliy created world, where we are all hybrid-computer-chipped, and unable to know that we are recording and transmitting simultaneously everything we see and hear to a supercomputer.

Part I:- Are Dreams Just Dreams? ( The Second Earth )
Each culture has different DNA and history, so everything we have experienced in our different countries are unique to our lives, and documented. Africans are clones of themselves, Europeans are clones of themselves, Aboriginies are clones of themselves, Asians are clones of themselves. All cultures are clones in my theory, and in each race, every person is similar in some way to the next. We may all be human, with independent thoughts,feelings,hobbies, skills, talents,interests and habits- but what about our dreams?? Are our dreams just the brain going batty from all the information we see and hear every day, or are dreams another reality we see when we sleep, because when our brain sleeps the body has no use but to function on natural instinct, which is a slowed
breathing, low oxygen and relaxed muscles. Perhaps when we sleep our other cloned self is awakened on a planet which has been terraformed and created identically to our own, and we only get to see programmed images which the clone is activated or programmed to percieve as real ???

Have you ever had a dream which was so real that you can feel things, like the feel of the ground you walk on in your dream, or gravity such as flying in an aircraft, or falling, or touching something? Some people can actually remember dreams where you can feel solid objects and people. Perhaps it wasn''t a dream, but your clone actually interacts with solid objects, yet unaware of being in a ''dream''. Perhaps your clone is in a simulator, which sees digitally enhanced objects,images and scenarios. Sometimes a dream could be fictional- if your cloned brain can be programmed to see movie-like scenarios such as when you suddenly start flying or floating in a dream. Perhaps when you fall in a dream, your clone is actually falling in reality- on another planet, or perhaps it''s just a dream- made up in a simulator, digitally enhanced, like a widescreen 3D effect cinema where you see a 3D movie of a roller-coaster ride and your brain believes you are actually on the roller-coaster, feeling the drops and loops as if you were actually there, but without the physical movements like gravity.

When you are asleep you cannot be sure that you are still being programmed via your brain, which recieves signals from a supercomputer and plays your sleeping program- while your clone, which is in fact a real human on another planet, or maybe a clone in a simulator sees a three dimensional digitally-created world or yet another program. When you wake up the program is terminated and your original body activates your human brain, and the main program is restarted- and you find yourself back to Earth, which all of us can tell is real by choosing what we want to eat, drink, wear, smoke, activites like walking. The natural life, the typical 16 to 18 hour day is obviously the main program.

So how can we tell if the living body and soul is mortal or immortal, because in theory, if we can recreate a clone on another planet Earth somewhere in the galaxy- then if one body dies, another can awaken in an identical World where we contnue life from the day before we died. Perhaps on another Earth we can be manufactured and kept in stasis,or in a comatose-state, ready to replace our other body if something should happen to the first body. If we can fast-grow bodies, then we could be replaced very easily, and quickly programmed to believe that we are still the same beings we were from childhood to adulthood, unaware of anything different, because our minds were taught and programmed in schools, by violent history lessons which are all documentented and unchangable, movies on television, our computer games, our separate lives and families and whatever makes us individually different. Perhaps there are multiple Worlds, each with a similar body double, each clones of ourselves.

Maybe by cloning ourselves and the creation of multiple Worlds that immortatility has already been achieved, yet it is not all fantastic and great. This world in which we live has human flaws like greed, war, disease, poverty,famine and natural disasters. We can stop poverty and war, disease and famine. Natural disasters may not be able to control as the planet. Earth is too vast to fully control - for example, we cannot control the tides, earthquakes, moving of earth plates, volcanic activity and winds or rain. We may be able to trigger such events, but to control the exact amount of
rainfall or wind in any part of the world would be impossible. It would also be impossible to control the movement of the Earth''s crust, faults and tectonic plates to the nearest millimetre. That''s the force of nature, and a powerful
force it is. Perhaps our Earth, as large as it appears to us as people is in fact the size of a basketball to a giant race of beings, and we are only small creatures living on it. Are we living in a nano-Earth, as nano-beings and created multiple times over by giant beings???

Part J:- Hack A Cash Machine...
Why can''t we print or steal loads of money , and hide it in a location so we can wake up in our cloned bodies and uncover it. If my theory is correct, any money you stash won''t exist on the other planet Earth (if there is one).
If we could do that then we could simply hack banks and set the bank computer clock backwards- so that (for example) if you took 1000 dollars out of a cash machine on the 1st January 2010, then by hacking a bank computer to go back to the December 31st 2009 your money would still be available to you.

Part K:- Burn Your Damned Credit Cards...
Not much more can be said on this technological World we live in, except that it is amazing and often entertainng- yet very flawed. What if we all burned our money in this world and any other mulitple Worlds,and able to burn or destroy money in our dreams? Everything would go completely wrong because our reality revolves around paper and coins and credit cards. The real money exists on computers, in bank accounts and in tax havens wher nobody can find it. 90 percent of money exists only in computers- the ten percent left is what we use for day-to-day life.

But in reality people could put the planet in chaos in a big way and break the power of banks and fiancial institutions. We would have to destroy all of our credit cards and money by burning it all. Either way, if there is no second world, if we burnt all our credit cards then the investment banks and public banks would have to give money out to people for them to survive. That way the credit card will become obsolete, and you''ll realize how much your life revolved around computer-credit. Only the credit card companies really benefit from you using it in the end.

Part L:- Because Credit Is Only Making Someone Else Rich...
If enough people at least burnt their credit cards and stopped investing in shares, then credit will no longer be used, and the big investment corporations and banks will not have the billions to play with, to profit from and steal.People who do shares give money away to people who in the past have stolen it and put it in a tax-haven account , away from the country, like squirrels storing nuts for the Winter. If we give them money through investments and through credit cards, then chances are that those squirrels will pinch all the nuts again.

Can we actually dispose of our credit cards to change our lives forever? The game that banks play with credit is a nasty one. Where did all the trillions
of dollars go- the money that was ''lost'' during the economic crash? I''m talking about the money which was taken from taxpayers to ''bail-out'' banks and large investment groups, and the money that was hidden in tax-havens.
I believe that some evil forces who love their money and credit have switched accounts over to new tax-havens, and are doing with you and your income what they have ben doing in the past... Perhaps they wire the money to another planet in the solar system- who knows??

We have to let go of credit cards for a start, to be able to understand what the investment groups have done to our world- because as far as I have learnt about economics, the money has been taken to make rich people even richer- we have bailed out banks and corporations by giving them hundreds of billions of taxpayers money, large bonuses and salaries, while we the mainstream public are only given a fraction of that in wages, and always have been. Who is Ben Bernanke? A man with an eye on the future, plans up his sleeve, money to play with, strings to pull and wool to pull over our eyes...He appeared to be worried when asked ''who did he give the trillions of dollars to'' at a Senate hearing, as you can see for yourself in the movie ''The Fall of The Republic'' by Alex Jones.

Did Ben Bernanke Wire Money To Another World? Maybe money was wired via satelitte to another World, one being created just like this one, where the rich get richer, the poor suffer from bankrupcy, poverty, famine, disease and war- just like on this one. Is our World a clone of another, just as bad as this one? It seems that whoever programmed this planet is evil, corrupt and doesn't care about the famines, diseases and wars in other countries.

Do the same rich and elite control multiple World's, many interstellar populations and the simulated programs which are our lives? How can we stop this endless cycle of corruption from plaguing our existance? Do we have to burn our credit cards and money to prevent the same happening to us in another life...??? Do we have to abandon money altogether,and help the poor by our humanity, sharing and genorosity? Do we have to get a civilian force to seize control of the banks and investment groups, to channel the money to charity and welfare organisations, so that hospitals, schools, shelters can be built , so that food and clothing can be built and given to the needy? If we don't do it, then the banks and the rich will continue to play computer games with our money, shuffling it around the world like a pack of cards, picking the winning cards out for themselves.

The game of money has gone on for too long, and now is the time to take back the cash, pay for the infrastructure which poor countries need. We can get the rich to pay for food and shelter, build schools and universtities to educate the third world the very basics of creating infrastructure to survive. And we can build medical centres for those nations which desperately need them- if we can just lock-up the mega-rich until the job is done...

Believe only half of what you hear and half of what you see. This reality we exist in is not a good one, it is unfair, unjust, greedy, full of war and hate, full of famine and disease which all can be fixed so easily if we can just take back control of our World from those who seek to make profit out of it, from those who profit out of the good,honest hard workers and families, and who run off into the sunset with our cash to dream their corrupt dream into a reality that has become our living nightmare.

Part M:- A New World Order- Or The Same Old Oppressed World?
The New World Order is not a new thing when the rich and greedy rich are able to manipulate our minds to make us buy their expensive products, to take our cash and then build for themselves their empire of corruption and wars, which only kill and maim innocent people while industry and corporations make billions from the war machines, and factories manufacture rubbish for us to waste our money on- just to let them all take the profit and hide it while economies crash and poverty sets in, famine spreads and diseases kill millions every year?

When will we be able to stop them from messing with our minds and taking our cash , as they have done to us, time and time before? Time is running out, we have to beat them at their game before they beat us for our money. No longer should the weak fall while the rich prosper. In religious terms, God condemns and judges those who do evil .Those who take all the profit for themselves and leaves the poor to die in poverty must be either stupid or evil. Apparantly God wins over the evil which has destroyed so many lives, and those people hurt by the money game need to be saved. The corporations and mortgage companies took people's homes, and sold our resources and industry down the line. Yesterday there were many who had families, a home and a place to call their own-
today they live in trailer parks in tents, and their homes have been resold in multi-million dollar packages to foreign countries. America has fallen victim to the money game, Britain has too- and soon nation by nation the average wage earner will suffer the most, not because they have done anything wrong, but because they were easy prey for the creditors and the players in the money making game...

Credit killed humanity, credit starved the poor, credit is the new eugenics experiment. Taxes are just another way of making us poorer- the new climate tax will only make us poorer...how many more taxes are their up the leadership sleeve? Nobody is to blame for wanting a normal life, for wanting a family or home of their own. Nobody deserves to have it all taken away by greed, as investments are moved to other countries, leaving behind those who were always targets for corruption and greed for easy profits in the first place. Will the investment groups do this country by country? They already have, and it might be happening again in the future, on another world. Let's save humanity and ditch the rich. God wants us to to. We know we must. We must seize the day and make the rich pay...

Part N:- Crash Their Goddamned Monetary System...
By removing our money from banks, and ceasing our use of credit cards and stopping public money being put into investments we can crash their electronic computer banking system of corruption and greed and not give them our money.
We then demand that the rich use a great chunk of their money, and money left in banks and financial groups to create infrastructure in third world countries and in other countries where the poor and needy require the infrastructure, such as water wells, medical centres, farming equipment, cheaply-built accomodation for the homeless.

That way we can eradicate starvation and disease in those countries where it exists. Until the infrastructure is delivered to those countries which need help, we should refuse to bank our money and refuse to use credit. It is the only way to break the system- their computerized monetary system of oppression that only really makes the rich even richer. We have to do it for the good of humanity, those who need our help, or our lives will be only to abide by the corrupt electronic banking system, and we will have missed the chance to do use our 'wealth' to make lives better for those who need us and who cannot do this for themselves. Perhaps our souls depend on it too...
Buy with cash. Forget the credit card exists.

We do exist in this cloned, simulated, specially controlled and computer-created world. The computer needs shutting down and rebooting, with a new program, one without the evil money which keeps people in poverty,famine,disease and war. After all, we have really no need for those plastic cards. Humans existed for a long time before the credit card invention of the 1960's. We can exist without them again. Power to the People is when you abandon their mainframe infrastructure, the main program. They just want you to trapped in it- like Tron was stuck in a computer game. Like an Obamatron stuck in a World where his own Government are trying to bring him down- you as an individual are brought down to the level of slave-your mind and body trapped by technology and modern routines, trapped by those who know how to control others to benefit themselves. In a World where there is plenty, the few get the most and the majority get much less or very little. Why should there be homeless people when our Governments can build cheap, affordable housing for families? The truth is, that Government are also trapped by a system, one where they are slaves to those in the highest position of power- those who control the flow of the money- the banksters and share-market traders, the financial institutions and the investment groups.They have 90 percent of all World money in their computers, not in cash. Electronic money exists only in a computer program, in lots of computers and programs across the World.

Our lives are at the mercy of computers, which can be re-programmed an altered in any way. Who controls us, the programs and the reality we cling to?

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