Truth behind the PS3 error 80023017

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An error has occurred - Frustrated? You want to play a game but your PS3 keeps on projecting PS3 error 80023017? I know it's annoying because this also happened to me before. But don't worry guys, I know what really happened. If this occurs again to your friends' PS3, go ahead and spread the word.

You probably checked most of the online PS3 discussion boards and just like us, it is on the same context. Also, I tried to call their customer service but they simply keep me swirling in circles - making me confuse with the steps. One of the agents I've talked told me to power off my PS3 and I did, but same error was projected on my TV. I don't really understand why this happens in the beginning, I thought it might be the current firmware I've downloaded, my PSN account has been hacked or probably my network connection was lost. Well, I tried everything all possible means but the same PS3 error 80023017 is on my screen.

A lot people were worrying about this PS3 error 80023017. My friend wants to play Warhawk but it didn't work. He downloaded in the game in PSN but when he logged in to his account it gives him the same error message. He thought it was just a glitch on his system so we waited for a day or two to recover. It keeps going on and off. So, what is really behind this PS3 error 80023017? Is there something wrong with our Playstations? Is it time to have it check with a technician? OK, let me tell you what really happened.


The PS3 error 80023017 message is one of throw up of Sony Playstation when they were performing maintenance on something. According to sources, it was PSN related and they were updating some of the features in their systems. This same message was posted many months ago when Sony Playstation was redesigning their Playstation Store. So, it has nothing to do with neither our systems nor our PS3!

I know it sucks! Sony PS3 should've informed us about this ongoing update. Probably there were many gamers who were worried and had their PS3 fixed to technicians and stores and they spent hundreds. Poor them! If PS3 error 80023017 appeared again on our TV Screen, let's all go outside and chill. It's not a big of a deal! It's Playstation's problem. They should fix that soon. In the mean time, let's all enjoy the great outdoors and time to stretch. We've been sitting in our couches for days and we should find time to exercise!

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