10 Things to Think About When Upgrading Your Business Fast VoIP Phones

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Technology is growing so fast it is often times hard to keep up- unless you work in the industry. I was having a chat with a client the other day about how my current iPhone 4 is more powerful than the first PC I owned. I also remarked about how I can access the Internet faster on my phone than I could on that first computer. Don't forget how social media and social networking sites have also changed our lives. Who would have thought how prevalent sites like Facebook would become in our life so quickly?

Most business owners should concentrate on their own business expertise, and outsource those parts of their business that are not core. For most people, telecommunications technology is behind the times because business owners do not have the time to fully concentrate and appreciate how new technology can help grow and streamline their business. This article should help you with some thought provoking points about upgrading business phone technology.

Do you want your staff chained to the desk- If you purchase a business PBX system that offers unified communications solutions it means that your staff can be reached easily on one number. If their desk phone rings their mobile also rings.

What will your business look like in 2 years time- You need to make sure you buy technology that is future proof. Many business phone systems these days support standard fixed lines as well as VoIP technology. Make sure you buy systems that are future proof as technology is changing.

Is it worth spending a little bit more to get a system that is scalable- Not only does technology change but I assume, as a business owner, you will want your business to grow over the short to medium term. As such, I would recommend you look at technology that is scalable- especially with respect to your business phone system. You might spend a little bit more now but over the long term you will actually spend less because you won't have to replace everything when your business grows.

Would your staff benefit from tablet devices- I am a strong believer in the value of the Motorola Xoom to business teams. Much more easy to carry than a laptop, these devices allow you to carry files and access email whilst you are on the road.

Do you have a sales team who takes orders on the road- It astounds me that there are still sales teams out there that rely on paper ordering. With a tablet device and the right software you can take orders on the spot, have them fulfilled almost immediately and have the customer invoiced straight away.

Do you have large cash reserves or do you want to pay for your hardware over time- With the right telecommunications provider you will be able pay for your business phone system over the life of your contract if you don't have the money to pay for your business phone system upfront.

Should everything be integrated- Integrated and unified communications are vital.

What smart phone technology best suits your needs- Should you get your team Apple, Android, Blackberry or Windows devices?

What smart phone apps do you need- Do staff need apps to fulfill their job responsibilities? Are there existing products on the market or will you have to develop software?

Do you want to make your staff happy- New smart phones also have the ability to be entertainment devices- you can play games, listen to music and watch videos on them. Giving staff some flexibility in how they use their phones may be good for staff morale and it may be something you want to think about letting them access.

Here are 10 things you need to think about. Make sure you keep them in mind to ensure you get the best business solutions when you are next upgrading.

If you are considering purchasing a new business phone system give Altitude Communications a call. The team here, with over 25 years experience in telecommunications, can help you pick the best business phone system for your needs.

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