5 Best Features of UPro Golf GPS 2011 That Surprised Me

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Okay the title was an exaggeration, but it is so hard not to say that and share it to you. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first I read the product review at one of the website. This uPro Golf GPS is not the latest product, but after reading some people confessions at the customer reviews, I decided to buy it. Probably some people will say that the latest and expensive devices can do better performance or other product can do the same thing, but it I found that Callaway uPro Golf GPS is the perfect device for amateurs or even advanced golfers to reach their next level in golf skill.

Well here are 5 reasons why Callaway Golf GPS shocked me up:

1. Sleek and unobtrusive design - Having this device will not only help you to reach the next level of golf skill, it will also raise your style with its sleek and unobtrusive design. It will not intrude on your natural golf swing as it comes with compact design that is fits in your pocket or belt holder.

2. User friendly 2.2 inch high resolution color screen - The uPro Golf GPS will show you a different view of the fairway, upcoming sand traps and water hazards, or delivers a distance marker in a brilliant 2.2 inch high resolution color screen. Moreover, the SmartView technology will generate "viewports" that will show you area of the fairway or rough for a water-free path.

3. Aerial and satellite photographs - With this feature you can achieve a high definition aerial/satellite photo that will provide you video flyovers, measurement from any point on the course, and constantly update distances to the current flag position. In simple words it means that you can see what the hole looks like before making a swing, the aerial photograph will show you 100, 150 and 200 marks out of the yard in the middle of the green.

4. It comes with golf course FREE downloads - Let me ask you a question, where can you find thousands of golf courses for free? No month to month or annual fee, no subscription. You can find all of them only at uPro Golf GPS buying bundle. The buying package includes FREE downloads of course, it's totally free.

5. Price was also an issue but I found a great place - If you can get the same benefits just like other expensive and the latest golf GPS, so why should you pay more than have to? As you have read on my uPro Golf GPS review, this device offers high-end features just like on the expensive device. But, to get the best price you should get it on the right place.

Keep on reading at my suggested website to get a comprehensive review, how and where to get the best price.

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