Best GPS for the Money 2011

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Having your car accentuated with a GPS is a major advantages, especially when you are new to the surroundings are if you travel a lot. The Best GPS for your money is the one which gives you all the worth for the money you invested in buying it. It should come pretty close to matching your needs and wants. There are many brands and models available in the market which you may get lured to buy. However, most of them may not fit into your requisitions.

Each of the models may have different features according to their functionality. While some may acquire connectivity to the satellite the fastest, others may be able to speak directions and street names while you're driving around. Most of the next generation GPS systems have the option to store MP3s and stores photos.

The best GPS for your money is one which you are comfortable with when it comes to operating it. Also, portability is an area which you want to think about. Nowadays, you can find GPS systems which are quite compact. A major problem with having a GPS system in your car is that they are an easy prey for the thieves; hence, being detachable is another key feature which your favorite GPS should have.

You can have the best GPS for the money in the range of $120 to $350, depending upon various characteristics such as design, features and the like. However, with a never ending research and design that goes into building advanced versions of current GPS, the price may go up to $400, though you would be gifted with high end features as well.

Thus keep you eyes and ears open while buying the best GPS for money, with so many companies in the foray and competing against each other, you would definitely be getting the best deal in times to come.

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