Best GPS iPhone FM Transmitter Review 2011

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MP3 FM transmitters have become quite popular, but they also have their hang-ups. One in particular is noticeable more in the larger cities than most other places. It is hard to stay tuned to one FM frequency because of having access to so many local FM stations that tend to cause interference with the low power frequencies available in the FM transmitters. MP3 FM modulators will help some, but the problem transcends even that remedy in a few localities. However, a couple of iPhone FM transmitters seemed to have found a way to sidestep that issue. This article is to provide an iPhone FM transmitter review that may be a help to those who are researching the possibilities of purchasing a unit in the near future.

Media Gate i-Kit MG-1K5N1

A unique design for an MP3 FM transmitter is the first thing that may jump to your mind when you first catch sight of this electronic marvel. It features an audio device cradle, principally engineered to hold the iPhone, which rises on a gooseneck stalk of silicon that permits the placement of the iPhone in a most convenient position. The silicon stalk is firmly attached to the power adapter plug that fits into the auxiliary power or cigarette lighter port located on the dashboard. The cradle includes an adjustable clamp that gently and securely holds most audio devices by way of silicon gel pads on the back and sides of the clamp.

Power comes through the power adapter plug and is connected to the audio device through a USB port to allow charging of the internal iPhone battery. The FM transmitter broadcasts on frequencies from 88.1 MHz to 107.9 MHz in high fidelity format to the vehicle's FM receiver.

Principal support is for the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Video, Shuffle, Classic, and Nano 1G-2G-3G. GPS, MP3 and other cellular phones are connectable through a 3.5mm jack. There is also offered a one-year warranty by the manufacturer.

People who have purchased this device have found it to be quite superior in manufacturing quality and performance when compared to similar types of FM transmitters. A lot of its success is also linked to the superlative quality of Apple electronic products.

Belkin TuneCast® Auto Live FM Transmitter

This tiny device defies its appearance and provides outstanding ability to connect most iPod or iPhone devices wirelessly to your FM radio in your car. The outstanding feature of the unit is its ability to utilize the iPhone's GPS application and assist the user to find a good FM frequency to make connection to your portable sound system.

Belkin heavily touts this particular performance enhancement by claiming it is the only FM transmitter that has GPS aided scanning. The ClearScan Live app is a free download through iTunes for your iPhone.

Everything is controlled from the iPhone or iPod. Just plug into the device and tune your iPhone device to an available frequency presented by the ClearScan Live app and you are in immediate listening enjoyment through the sound system of your vehicle. While your iPhone or iPod is connected, the system is charging the on board battery.

The TuneCast Auto Live has two presets that can be programmed by the user to facilitate connection to a local FM frequency. Belkin has scored a big hit for all the new iPhone owners and audiophiles that want to take their recorded music to the next level.

An iPhone FM transmitter review is only one person's opinion, but it is done in hopes of providing some good information to aid you in your quest for a good product.

An mp3 FM transmitter provides a tremendous amount of flexibility and portability and a universal mp3 FM transmitter allows you to listen to your favorite music in your vehicle and allow for connections to multiple devices.

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