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Global positioning system (GPS) is an important tool for any wireless system. GPS provides the geographical locations no matter where you are. Initially it was developed by the federal government meant to be used in military bases to accurately determine the position of ballistic missile submarines, prior to the launch of those missiles.

But in addition to military and surveying exercise, today GPS is used in many commercial purposes. It is used for air, land and sea navigation. Also used in law enforcement purposes for vehicle tracking. GPS tracks any location with the help of interpreting signals received from 3 or more orbiting satellites. This tool can also be used to know the weather forecast details.

Today, communication devices especially cell phones have become much more technologically advanced and are not restricted to mere means of conversation. GPS tracking in cell phone is one of such advance features. Before GPS, triangulation technique was used where three cell phone towers were used to determine the approximate location of any particular cell phone. But often the finding wasn't precise. However, with the advent of this technology, one can get the accurate location within about five meters. The cell phone enabled GPS gives ten times more accurate than triangulation.

The compact size, great accuracy and easy mobility feature has made the GPS cell phone an increasingly popular tracking device. It enables users to accurately track anyone carrying a compatible mobile device. This feature in cell phones has many advantages. With cell phone GPS tracking, you won't ever get lost anywhere. Any place can be located efficiently within a short time. Business persons can get benefited from this GPS enabled cell phones as they can track all their business matters through the navigation feature of these devices.

Another important utility of the cell phone GPS tracking can be in emergency services. For Police or Ambulance services, it's easy to locate the call if dialed from a GPS cell phone. That's why, the FCC legislated that wireless networks to supply location information for 911 calls made from cell phones. These calls are known as E911 (enhanced emergency) calls.

GPS cell phones are a savoir for tourists who in a new place often face problems while finding monumental locations such as museum, hotel, bars, restaurant, shopping complex. But the cell phone GPS tracking feature enable them to track any place they want to visit.

Following the aftermath of September 11, the FCC has mandated all service providers to make GPS tracking of cell phone calls possible. Hence since 2005, all cells have GPS-track option and the use of it are expected to grow manifolds in coming days. because as per one statistics, with in the next three years time, the GPS chipset revenue is expected to more than double to $1.3 billion and the GPRS enabled cell phone revenue is expected to be hitting 550 million units.

GPS tracking in cell phone has its own pros and cons. No doubt it is useful for keeping track of our loved ones, but there is also danger of infringement of privacy. Any compatible cell number and its incoming and outgoing number details can be tracked through these GPS cell phones but by companies who have been authorized license for this.

In case you wonder that your calls are being traced, don't worry, for your actual conversation is not traceable with the GPS phones. It only keeps track of what numbers are being called in and dialed out. If you don't want to be tracked, you can simply select the "hide" option on your GPS phone any time to opt out of the service.

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