Best Marine GPS 2011

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There are already enough GPS devices present in the market to prove their worth to different kinds of consumers. They are pretty much in line with other portable devices since they use familiar technologies such as touchscreens while others provide some extra features to add some value. But that does not leave special GPS devices less important because there are people out there that require special needs. Take boaters for example where the focus is more on getting location statistics in the sea. An ordinary GPS won't help you navigate in the open sea and you may not find the nearest shoreline because ordinary GPS focus more on land and road maps. GPS units have the features that boaters need to better set their bearings. Here are some reasons why the best GPS units should be considered before going out in the open.

Total Safety

Getting lost in the open sea can put the people involved in high risk and things can get even worse when the weather does not cooperate. A quick and direct course is needed so the boaters can move to safer grounds and many GPS units are capable of doing that. In fact, some of the advanced marine GPS devices can track weather so boaters can make better decisions for their own well-being. Since marine GPS units are paired with sea and ocean related maps, boaters can better use the interface to accurately plot points and set waypoints and courses so they can easily backtrack when necessary. This is important because there are hardly any reference points when navigating in the sea compared to navigating in the land. This is how recreational boats find their way around.

Different Marine GPS devices for Different Purposes

A marine GPS unit can be broken down to several categories if the all-around GPS devices are too expensive. Chartplotters are the GPS devices that handle waypoints while fishfinders are optimized for fishermen that need to find good fishing spots right away. There are also a few hybrid units that have both marine features and land features but it is better for dedicated boaters to go for a dedicated marine GPS solution. Other GPS units may provide more maps than the other which are ideal for travelers and explorers that want to check out remote areas.

Better Build Quality

Most GPS units are more rugged and waterproof so boaters can carry these devices with confidence. Other GPS units can even mount on the boat in a similar way that car GPS devices mount on windshields. In unlikely events where the device is dropped in the water, the device floats for easy retrieval. Some devices are also brightly colored so they are easy to get.

Marine GPS devices do not do other things outside their marine purposes so the money you are not paying for bloated features that all-purpose GPS devices provide. In short, marine GPS devices give the best and safest experience when setting sail.

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