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I read in GPS Business news that on Monday July 25, 2011 Navigon announced that they will no longer sell their units in the United States. NAVIGON's CEO Egon Minar said "Due to the difficult economic environment and the aggressive pricing we have decided to withdraw from the PND business in North America for the time being. We are however not closing down our Chicago office which will continue to serve our automotive and mobile phone businesses in North America." He added "we will continue to fulfill all obligations to our existing PND customers in terms of map update, etc."

This may make getting your unit serviced a problem. Although the article mention how map updates would be handled you have to wonder how long they will honor this commitment. Obviously the dealers will no longer be selling the Navigon although you may be able to pick up some good deals that are still on the shelf if you are willing to take the chance of how long the updates will last and how long their warranty service will be. If you plan of purchasing a unit you may want to try to contact their Chicago office as the article said they would keep that office open.

The most popular of the Navigon car GPS units were the Navigon 5100, the 7100 and the 7200. In March of 2009 Navigon announced that they would be coming out with three new units, but this never came to be and they never reached the market. By Minar's comment about aggressive pricing it is obvious that the TomTom Christmas promotion of their One 125 for $99 was a stake in the heart of Navigon. With the down economy and the fact that they were a high-end manufacturer of GPS units they just couldn't compete. In additon to that Garmin has come out with 9 new units already in 2009. (see my Ezine article on Garmin releases).

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