Buying Tips for VoIP Phone Systems

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Due its flexibility and scalability, any growing company looking to buy a new phone system should consider a VoIP solution over any other type.

When seeking the right supplier we ask our customers to look for 3 things in detail about the company they are buying from, these crucial points will remove the headache or financial burden of choosing the wrong supplier.

Get References

As with any other purchase for your business, get references from other companies before making your final decision. This is a great opportunity to find out what kind of experience another business had with their VoIP solution. Remember to request client references from businesses similar to yours and that have had a VoIP solution installed. Ask questions such as:

Did the company work within your budget constraints?

Did the vendor walk you through all of your options?

What did you like about the service?

Was downtime minimised, was it a major disruption to your business?

Was it set up as per your requirements?

Did they work well with your I.T Company or staff?

How have you found their ongoing support and after sales?


Ask to see a live demonstration of the VoIP Phone System as it will help you determine its ease of use and capabilities. This will also help you decide which features your staff will need to get from the system.

Telecom suppliers offer onsite demonstrations of all their systems. It's a distinct advantage having the demonstration in the comfort of your own office because you can invite heads of departments into the meeting and ask them what's important to them in a new phone system.


Traditionally all telecom resellers had to be accredited by their suppliers for installation and maintenance services. Nowadays they still need the appropriate certificates however many manufacturers are asking for industry specific qualifications before they release equipment.

For example, due to amount of data networking and computer related tasks that are required to install VoIP systems the TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) have put together a certification called Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP) that many VoIP phone system manufacturers are now adopting as a prerequisite before an engineer can install their systems.

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