Dial Up to Broadband Internet Connection

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Today there will be hardly any computer without an internet connection. The internet has brought communication so easy and comfortable that what ever is happening around the world is on our finger tip. The world has become so small that we can see and talk to our near and dear ones though they are in another continent.

The most common names in internet connectivity are dial up connection and broad band connection. As is clear from the name itself, dial up internet connection should have totally dedicated telephone to support and the connection is made by a provider (internet service provider) when we dial up. The computer is connected to the internet through a modem and integrated telephone line. The speed of dial up connection is comparatively cheap but is also slow. The strength of dial up net work is 56 kilobits. Dial up internet is very useful in remote areas and villages. Low budget users also depend mostly on dial up connections.

Then what is the difference between dial up connection and broadband connection? It is speed of access. Broadband connection, as it implies has a wide frequency or bandwidth. This enables the user to transfer data at a very high speed. Broadband connection helps for video conferencing and communication unbelievably fast.

Today internet is used to listen to songs and watch all sorts of movies. There are unlimited usages of broadband in telecommunication. This is a method involving signals of wide range or band of frequencies. These may also be divided further into channels or frequencies. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) and cable internet are the most well known broadband technologies today. Wi-Fi networks also have found wider applications where ADSL or cable connectivity is not available.

The latest development in broadband applications is, in incorporating its use in the mobile phones and that too at the consumer level. For technical applications, broadband connectivity is preferred than dial up connection. However people of remote areas prefer dial up due to cost aspects.

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