Wireless Hotspots for Broadband Internet Access

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Wireless internet is the most popular way of connecting to the internet. Using Wi-Fi enabled devices in the vicinity of a wireless hotspot, can very easily and conveniently connect people to the internet. This is the area within the range of a Wireless Access Point (WAP). The internet services provided through a hotspot can be free to use or incur a charge depending upon the nature of the location.

Types of Wireless Hotspots

This can be either open or restricted. Anyone can connect to an open hotspot and access the internet. However, people need to authenticate themselves before connecting to a restricted access point. It is common for open hotspots to implement different restrictions to prevent the unethical usage of their internet connection. In order to connect to a restricted wireless network, users need to authenticate themselves by using the login credentials provided by their network administrator.

Popularity of Wireless Hotspots

The days of using a LAN (Local Area Network) in the home or office for shared internet connectivity have gone. Nowadays, the wireless LAN components (based on IEEE 802.11 standards) are used for setting up more convenient network connections. Before this technology was made readily available in coffee shops, small offices, shopping malls and homes, wireless internet technology was only used by larger organizations such as academic institutions and government agencies. High-speed internet services have become an essential part of personal, professional and commercial communication. In addition to communication needs, people also use broadband as a source of entertainment. Today, Wi- Fi access is very common and is usually available in places such as hotels, resorts, shopping malls and residential buildings. Some wifi internet providers offer custom wireless internet solutions for these places.

Different Purposes for Installation of Wireless Hotspots

In recent times, the internet has become an essential part of working and living. This respond to this demand in a way that is more convenient for people to utilize. Some of the main customers wanting to set up a these are:

1. People who want seamless internet connectivity throughout their household or unit.

2. Organizations that want to make the most of their internet service, and also want to cut the cost of implementing and maintaining a wired network.

3. Academic institutes that want to provide round-the- clock internet connectivity to their students and faculty members.

4. Hotels and resorts offering in-room wireless internet access to their guests. Any computer, portable or handheld electronic device with Wi-Fi capabilities can connect to a hotspot instantly and access the internet. Compared with traditional wired LAN connections, wireless is more convenient, more affordable, and involves fewer complexities during installation and maintenance.

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