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When I first started out on the internet we were using dial up.

For those of you who were fortunate enough to miss out on the dial up phenomenon - count yourself lucky! My PC was upstairs, and the main telephone port was downstairs in the kitchen. I had a long cable, about 10 metres long, that would plug into the PC direct all the way down into the port in the wall in the kitchen. We didn't have a second line, so I had to wait until my parents were out or asleep until I could use the dial up without getting shouted at for clogging up the phone line.

On top of all this, it was pay as you go - so 1p per minute, and I never paid the bill then so again was under scrutiny. Using dial up was very slow indeed. I remember having to wait minutes just for a single site like eBay to load its pages fully. There was no real fulfilling web browsing experience, and surfing the net for more than half an hour would make me real hungry! Streaming video probably didn't even exist, and if it did it certainly didn't work over dial up. So sites like YouTube, if they were even live then, wouldn't have worked. Unfortunately for some, there are people in the world who are still using a dialup connection. Have faith, broadband will come your way one day! Anyway, whether you are using dial up or broadband, check out your current internet speed by running an internet speed test - it's free and only takes 30 seconds.

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