How to Resolve Jitter Issues With Fast VoIP

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Although VoIP phones to provide a host of features that make it far more convenient than conventional phone systems, it is not without glitches. According to VoIP service providers, most subscribers complain about jitter more than any other issue. Jitter refers to poor call quality due to inconsistencies in the transmission of data packets. When your digital phone line is afflicted with jitter, you would often hear echoing. You could also have frequent dropped calls or choppy phone conversations. Jitter can be rather annoying, but there are some fixes to this problem.

The most likely problem with jitter is limited bandwidth allocation for your phone line. To effectively deal with this issue, try the following tips:

1. Available bandwidth is eaten up by large applications and online activities. If you will be using your VoIP phone, avoid high-bandwidth activities such as downloads and image viewing. Also close down any online games that you might be running, at least while you are using your phone.

2. When there is just one internet connection in the house but there are lots of computers using that connection, bandwidth allocation gets spread too thin. When people log in to an internet connection, their devices grab the available bandwidth, leaving less for your VoIP. Make calls when there are less people who are logged in.

3. If possible, avoid using the phone during peak calling times, as well as high internet traffic periods. These are usually during the evenings. High internet traffic results in congestion, so there is less bandwidth available for your VoIP phone.

4. Some subscribers find that the best solution to resolve bandwidth issues is to simply upgrade their internet connection. In most cases, the money that you save from using a VoIP phone is still more than the added cost of the internet plan upgrade.

If you are sure that your jitter issue is not due to bandwidth scarcity, try examining your physical connections and check if everything seems to be in order. Old or damaged Ethernet cables should be replaced, and modem connections refreshed. Also make sure that you keep within your bandwidth usage limits. Most internet and VoIP service providers indicate that all accounts, even those under the unlimited plans, are still subject to the fair and moderate use policy. In other words, there is a ceiling to your bandwidth consumption. Internet companies have been known to arbitrarily suspend or turn off accounts due to exceeded bandwidth limits.

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