What Are the Top Auto Best GPS Units?

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Want to know what are the top auto GPS units? This question is actually easier to answer than it was a year ago. As time has gone on, Garmin, the top manufacturer in the United States, has pulled farther and farther away from the pack. Although the two other bid GPS manufacturers, TomTom and Magellan, have good products, Garmin is really leading the way this year (2011) in innovation. As far as the top automobile GPS units, most are Garmin, although I'll pick one from TomTom. Right now, here are my favorite picks:

Top Auto GPS Units: Garmin nuvi 260W

Right now, probably my favorite GPS from any manufacturer is the Garmin nuvi 260W. It costs less than $150. It's got the widescreen, text to speech voice instructions, and maps of the continental US and Hawaii, plus Canada. It's hard to beat this, especially when you consider Garmin's reputation for quality.

Top Auto GPS Units: Garmin nuvi 765

The Garmin nuvi 765 has everything the 260W has and also Bluetooth and real time traffic. Sure, it costs more, but it can do so much more. Also, it's not hard to use. It has a great, touch screen user interface. Did I mention multi-point routing? That let's you enter more than one destination in at a time, and your machine will calculate the best route to take.

Top Auto GPS Units: Garmin nuvi 285W

Why Garmin prices the nuvi 285W so low, I'll never figure out. It's probably one of the best deals of any GPS anywhere. It's basically got everything you could possibly want, except maybe multi-point routing. Garmin really out did themselves with the introduction of this unit.

Top Auto GPS Units: TomTom One

The TomTom One used to be a big seller. Now's it's highly discounted at places like Amazon. I still think it's a good value, however, for someone who just wants plain vanilla GPS.

If, however, you want a little something more, while still keeping it simple, consider this...

Top Auto GPS Systems and Units: TomTom EASE

Although as you can tell, I'm pretty much of a Garmin guy, the TomTom EASE is actually one of my favorite top auto GPS units on the market. TomTom made the EASE very simple to use. If you want a basic GPS, but also want something totally up to day, the TomTom EASE might be the one for you. No matter what, it's certainly on my list of top auto GPS units!

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