Lorex RW2S Car DVR / Best GPS 2011 / Vehicle Surveillance Product Review

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Lorex RW2S Car DVR Product Review - 4 out of 5 Stars
Product review summary: The Lorex RW2S is a low cost and extremely effective vehicle surveillance device used for fleet vehicles and auto enthusiasts alike. This unit combines the features and benefits of many of the high end models on the market without the accompanying high cost.
After having researched many vehicle surveillance and Car DVR systems, the Lorex RW2S combines many of the most necessary attributes required by the most diligent consumer while offering a sensible price point to meet your needs.A unit combining the ability to help prevent theft, offer GPS tracking and an in-dash camera for accident recording is an all-in-one multi function car security option.
The Lorex RW2S Car DVR unit is a mobile GPS and DVR unit designed with your car security in mind. This portable unit not only ensures that you will never pay a false ticket by keeping a record of your driving, but can be used as a security measure in the event of theft. In addition to these functions the Lorex RW2S Car DVR also acts as a GPS unit guiding you through even the windiest of roads as if they were your own back yard.

Some of the greatest features of the Lorex RW2S Car DVR include,
• Built in GPS antenna
• Push button emergency recording
• High resolution camera
• Night recording capabilities with low light cameras
• Built in microphone
• Built in impact sensor
• 175 degree wide angle view
While the Lorex RW2S DVR may try to compete with some of the top of the line Car DVR units available for vehicle security keep note that it may not be compatible with all cars. Widshield positioning is essential to be reviewed once the item is purchased. Also, the Lorex RW2S DVR will require a constant 12 or 24v connection which may cause a strain your battery life.
The features of a top of the line Car DVR can be of great help to even the most luxurious car security / vehicle surveillance systems. Imagine, not only receiving an alarm and an alert, but a recorded image of your vehicle at the most opportune time. This is just the evidence the police need to make the arrest. If you truly love your car then you will love the vehicle surveillance features of the Lorex RW2S.
For the price, the Lorex RW2S is a Car DVR / vehicle surveillance unit I highly recommend.

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