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My current phone is a HTC Touch. This is my first smart phone and I must say that, it has served me very well. I have been using this phone for about one year and within this time; this phone has never given me any kind of trouble.

The HTC Touch is one of the earliest models by HTC and it is the first touch phone in the world from any producer. The type of touch is resistivity and not as smooth as the iPhone, but once you get used to it, it will be very easy for you to control it. The HTC Touch uses the Windows Mobile 6.1 version; which is little older than the current Windows Mobile 7.

Beside this OS, it uses the Windows Office Mobile; which is almost fully featured. There are few limitations, which I think is developed in the next editions. Among the other software, there are YouTube, Facebook, Skype, Adobe Reader LE, Internet Explorer, Windows Live, Hotmail Messenger, Windows Media Player and Zip.

Most of them work very well although I would like to suggest Opera for Mobile instead of Internet Explorer for browsing. Adobe Reader LE also not good enough as full page is too small to read and if you zoom it, you have to move the slide bar continuously to read through the lines. There should have column system to make the reading easier. All others seem to be great.

In addition to pre-installed software I tried other software among which the new Google Map is my favorite. I must tell you one thing, if you want to install new software in your HTC Touch, you better be careful from where you are downloading it because most of the software contain bugs. After all, the HTC software developers are not as active as the iPhone developers.

What I don't like is, the phone only has two games and none of them are good enough to play for long time. I wished there were more games. If you want to use the memory card of your HTC Touch for data transfer, you should be very careful because, like the Windows OS for computer, the Windows OS for mobile is vulnerable to virus. So if you are not careful, you might have some serious problem. And cleaning a mobile virus is not as easy as cleaning virus in PC.

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