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Smartphones have brought various capabilities in one hand held device to the users. It has become a great convenience and the increased functionalities are becoming a major factor boosting its growth. It is being said that the demise of GPS devices is soon to come as smartphones are offering this capability and an increased GPS application development for smartphones is enhancing the functionality.

With all these talks about an end for the GPS and PND's industry it must be seen how much of it is actually true and what are mere speculations. According to iSuppli Corp the use of navigation enabled smartphones will witness an increase and reach a figure of 305 million units by the year 2014 surpassing the number of PNDs that are estimated to be around 128 million in that time period.

Tom Murray, TomTom's senior vice president of market development however believes that dedicated portable navigation devices are getting smarter than before. More features and better functionality are areas being focused on and hence the traditional GPS devices do not face any threat from the smartphone industry.

But judging by the fact how the smartphone is taking over and increasing in popularity at a mind blowing pace it seems that it will see much more growth in the times to come both in terms of the capabilities it brings the users way but also the increase in the number of applications available for them.

Today smartphone is a more exciting product than a GPS device. It is undergoing technological advancement at a rapid pace and evolving like no other device. Other stand alone devices do not seem to stand a chance against its dominance. The added attraction is the number of applications available for GPS navigation.

The earlier issues associated with GPS functionality in mobile phones like battery, unclear signals, long response time, and inaccurate location are being taken care of. The smart devices are getting smarter and the features are improving.

Where many applications are being developed for smartphones there is a reasonable number of applications springing up for location based services as well. There are high profile navigation applications available from TomTom as well as from Navigon for the iPhone. GPS applications development is increasing with more attractive and innovative navigation applications emerging every day drawing more consumers to opt for them. Observing the scenario it seems PNDs are in for a stiff competition.

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