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The HP TouchPad is a new Tablet PC from HP and it is a Tablet PC that will be focusing on everything that is wrong with the Apple iPad. Hence, this new tablet PC will be hoping to take advantage of the market share that the Apple iPad is enjoying at the moment. There could be a slight chance for the new tablet PC from HP itself to go wrong. Hence, HP has not taken any chances with the HP and it has included all possible features that can be included into a tablet PC. The TouchPad will be using a 9.7 inch touch screen display, which is exactly similar to the Apple iPad's touch screen display in every way.

The similarities between the two touchscreen begin with the size and end with the resolution. It will be capable of supporting a maximum resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels, which is exactly similar to the resolution of the Apple iPad. The similarities, however, end when concerned with the style of the tablet PC. It will be able to accommodate the touch screen display within a body that is relatively smaller than the Apple iPad. This makes the touch screen display actually look much larger than it is in the Apple iPad. The HP Pad will be coming with two different options when the internal memory department to reduce the complexity for the buyers. The Apple iPad will be coming in three different options, which certainly poses a complex scenario for the buyers. The internal memory in the TouchPad will be divided into 16 GB version and the 32 GB version. There is no external memory card support in the HP TouchPad because this internal memory in itself is more than sufficient to hold a large volume of data.

The HP TouchPad will be coming with three different connectivity options. All these are standard unlike the Apple iPad, which has two different versions depending upon the connectivity options itself. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and microUSB are the three options that are present in the HP TouchPad. The Bluetooth option that is present in the tablet PC will be the latest 2.1 version, while the microUSB will be the 2.0 version. The HP TouchPad will be having the most important aspect about tablet PC these days and it is the camera. It will be having the 1.3 megapixel unit in the rear of the tablet PC to facilitate in image and video recording. The 1.2 GHz scorpion processor that is used in the HP TouchPad is not a dual core unit, but a normal single core unit. It is extremely powerful and it is one of the best processors to run the web OS 3.0 operating system with.

The HP TouchPad will be coming with the GPS as another option and there is also the Adobe Flash player 10.1 present in the tablet PC. The HP TouchPad's price in the United Kingdom has not been revealed, but it will be launched soon.

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