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nvesting in a new VoIP billing system is a major undertaking for a company because of the level for which it runs. The systems and their options may vary from vendor to vendor so this article will explain the options from one of these companies. When investing in this type of software, the company should take time and research all the options before making a final decision.

The Software Package

The different systems offered by the vendors have pretty much the same software; however, some items may work differently or be called something different. In the end, they all perform the same functionality, which is providing a company with top notch software they can use to take care of their customers. A customer care portion has tools that are used to ensure the clients are taken care of from start to finish.

Unlimited Database

With this software in place, a company has the option to create an unlimited number of customers and add them to their database. They also are able to maintain accurate information such as payments, addresses and contact information. All customer services can be accessed in one central area that makes it ideal for helping clients quickly and efficiently.

Prepaid Capabilities

Other customer service options on the account level include the ability to set up prepaid accounts and postpaid accounts. The prepaid option involves the customer paying ahead of time for services rendered and the postpaid is when they choose the option to be billed at a later date. The software allows for payment expiration notices to be created and sent out to all customers regardless of their account type.

Rating And Invoicing

With impressive bill and rating tools, this software allows the company to generate invoices for all kinds of services rendered by the customers. A cool part of the software allows companies to create their own signature emails, invoices and statements that they can use when sending them to their customers. The individual tools provide the company with a lot of flexibility for their financial department to offer unique programs to the customer.

Public Web Portal

A customer facing web portal is the perfect bridge between the customers and the company agents because it allows the customer to update their information online. Having a portal in place means the customer can log in and access their account information including past invoices and current charges. This gives them a feeling of freedom and makes it nice because they do not have to pick up a phone to check on their bills.

Reporting Tools

Reporting tools are an essential part of any software program and the ones associated with this package are no different. The tools included offer breakdowns of customer usage including statistics per account and per destination. The information can be exported into CSV or PDF for viewing in a third party viewing program such as a spreadsheet or PDF viewer.

The operating capabilities of the current VoIP billing system software are quite impressive and are only going to get better. If a wireless billing company is in the market for a new package such as this, they owe themselves to go and look at all the options. The software is an ideal addition for any company who handles customer information on a daily basis.

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