Why We All Need happy feet GPS Systems

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Looking for a change in your road travel experience? Need guidance getting from one location to another seeing as though you are "directionally-challenged?" Want to throw away that paper map once and for all? You can do all of these things and more by simply taking control of your navigation experience with a handy gadget created with this purpose in mind. Lot's of other people before you have falling victim to the peer pressure, only to be happy that they did. So what are you waiting for? It's time for you to learn the four reasons why we all need GPS systems.

Safety and Convenience

One of the most cited reasons why we all need GPS systems is the safety and convenience they provide. Whether you're traveling across the country, or across your city, it is good to have the added assistance of an accurate, always predictable, electronic device to help guide you on your journey. By getting your hands on one of these units, you never have to worry about pulling out your paper map again, as the virtual map gives you up-to-date information on where you're traveling in 2D or 3D viewing options. When was the last time a paper map did this for you? With this type of device in your corner, you get a convenient driving experience with the added assurance that you and your children a safely traveling from point A to point B.

Never Get Lost

If you very often point left when you're speaking the word "right" then it is possible that you are directionally challenged. But that is okay, because one of the reasons why we all need GPS systems is that these handy devices are never confused and can guide you across the country when you can't guide yourself out of a paper bag. A navigation system in particular is perfect for those needing turn-by-turn instructions to their location - the entire way. The way it works is very simple. Once you enter the "to and from" locations, the device simply will guide you by voicing instructions like "in 500 feet, turn right." Once you get to the point of needing to turn, the system will voice the words "turn right." With this type of hands-on instruction in your corner, you simply can't go wrong. Just make sure when the system tells you to turn right, you turn right.

Finding Businesses and Other Addresses is a Breeze

Another one of the reasons why we all need GPS systems is the POI (point of interest) database that allows you to locate businesses and other addresses by simply scrolling through listings that may be over a million deep. So let's say for instance, you want to dine at a specific restaurant in your area, but when you get there, you find out it is closed for remodeling. At first, you're disappointed, that is until you remember that your friend had gone to another great restaurant and had been trying to convince you to go for a long time. You want to call your friend for directions, but he is traveling overseas and can't be reached. Instead of giving up on this tasty experience, you can visit your POI database to find a listing for the restaurant. After you've found it, you simply map out directions, have the system's navigation guide you, and enjoy the best dining of your life.

That's definitely one of the benefits of these databases, but many devices take their POI feature even further to offer some variation of proximity alerts, which let you know when you're within a certain distance of a POI - especially if one is a school zone or safety camera. It will let you know to slow down in time with both visual and audio alerts, then rest when you can regain your normal speed.

Download Great Software

One of the reasons why we all need GPS systems is that, in addition to getting to take advantage of all of the extras that come with most systems, you can also download more great stuff. There are websites all over the Internet that offer free software for better mapping options, more detailed navigation features, and even programs that allow you to share your road trip experiences with others.

Found enough reasons why we all need GPS systems in our lives? If this list isn't enough for you, there are many more where that came from. But if you think about it, the benefits listed here can definitely improve your quality of travel many times over. So think about this when you're looking for more reasons why we all need GPS systems. You'll find that if you just think about it, you already have every reason you need.

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