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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a congregate of communication protocols, methodologies, transmission techniques and technologies that work to deliver multimedia and voice communication via Internet Protocol fields like the internet. VoIP works by using session control protocols as a way of manipulating the setup of calls and audio codecs that encode speeches and hence allow their transmission as digital audio -through an audio field- over an Internet Protocol.

There are three kinds of VoIP facilities that are mostly used as discussed below;

• The IP phones -these tools are more prominent institutionally but are the least understood of all the tools.

• Software VoIP tools- these tools are seen as cheap, a fact attested by their increased usage during the economic meltdown of 2008-2010. Those who look to find inexpensive or free video conferencing or calling will find these tools to be indispensable. This software is also versatile as they can be classified into three sub-classes, web conferencing, voice and video instant messaging and web calling.

• Mobile and Integrated Tools - these tools are used in smartphones and other internet facilities, which means that you can still send SMS messages and make calls through 3G and WIFI through your portable device that is not a phone.

Hosted VoIP is a form of a service whereby various VoIP services, equipment and servers are hosted by a certain service provider. Some of the services rendered by a hosted VoIP provider include managing calls and channeling them via a particular telephony equipment and system. A hosted VoIP -which is also referred to as fully managed VoIP- can potentially prove cheap to a company by cushioning on some exorbitant expenses on equipment and management of the system.

Just as with other internet telephony services, hosted VoIP (or fully managed VoIP) also make use of use packet switched telephony to route calls over internet instead of the circuit switched telephony favored by the olden Public-Switched Telephone Network, the former is considered a cheap and effective mode of call transmission. A fully managed VoIP service is whereby an independent third party undertakes to over software, equipment and other operational concerns on behalf of a company. Fully managed service incorporates the design, deployment and integration of Internet Protocol as well as management and maintenance of the entire telephony network.

One way of acquiring a VoIP system is to get a leased one instead of buying one. A leased service is a long term rental of telephony system by a company for various reasons like lack of funds. Some merits of a leased service are; you will be left with funds to invest in other concerns, a leased system will allow immediate utilization of the facility.

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