Most Businesses Have Already Switched to Fast VoIP

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While the smartphone revolution has certainly given a fillip to VoIP services all over the world, the silent revolution had already taken place a long time ago in the business world. The reason isn't difficult to understand. Consumer behavior is dictated by a lot of things including inertia, emotional attachment and finally, cost. Businesses however have just one parameter with which they make the decision to use a new technology - cost and productivity. Seen from these two perspectives, VoIP wins easily over the PSTN system. Let's look at the reasons which have prompted almost all businesses in the recent years to switch to VoIP systems in some form or the other.

As a business tool, VoIP has several features with which the PSTN system simply can't compete with. Unified communications is a buzzword which we've been hearing about for a time and VoIP is a crucial aspect of that. Using a single application, you can call, chat, SMS or leave a voicemail. In addition, depending on the complexity of your system, you can replicate your office experience on any laptop or PC anywhere in the world by downloading the appropriate software and getting an Internet connection.

Smartphones have allowed users to turn every mobile device into a VoIP phone complete with a touchscreen and extreme ease of use. You can utilize the same office extensions you dial when you're at work every day and your entire phone list syncs automatically no matter which phone you use. In addition, you have just one telephone number regardless of where you are and what device you use as long as you have a working Internet connection. You can carry multiple devices and all of them will ring if you configure them to use your VoIP number. When you get a voicemail, it's saved in a centralized location and can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world and even through email.

These are features which the plain old telephone system cannot deliver. Add to that advanced HD voice, conferencing, and cheap International calls, and it's easy to see why businesses have long ago decided that VoIP is the way forward.

Setting up your own VoIP system can be expensive. But if you opt for a hosted VoIP solution, you pay a minuscule amount each month just like you would for your website hosting. This way, you can recover your investments very early on and also save yourself from the hassle of creating, maintaining and upgrading your VoIP infrastructure.

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