Best Golf GPS 2011 Reviews

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If you have been searching around for a good golf GPS, then I have exactly what you have been looking for inside this article. Further down below I will share with you a couple of the best golf GPS reviews available on the market today.

My name is Forest D. Robinson and I have been playing golf for the last 2 years. Over the last few months I have lowered my overall score from the upper 100's to the lower 90's. I would like to give partial credit to finding the right golf GPS system, and the rest to a whole lot of practice. I have owned, tested, and reviewed several golf GPS systems on the market. I also have done hours and hours of research on these particular GPS systems that I am about to share with you.

Lets get down to the best golf GPS reviews:

Callaway Upro Go

Overall for the price, functionality, and the 18,000 preloaded courses the Callaway Upro Go has to be arguably one of the best golf GPS systems on the market today. I personally own this device myself and it definitely separates itself from the pack. Compiled with a vibrant screen, very detailed course maps, and a great price. Going with the Upro Go is never a bad decision.

Garmin Approach G5

After reading several reviews, I came to the conclusion that the Garmin is the perfect solution for course management. It is also waterproof so rain and hazards should not be a problem. It could have earned the top spot if it did not require you to change the batteries in the middle of a round, but it also keeps your setting and functions if required to do so. One other minor setback that was reported is that it is somewhat of a strain on the eyes to see the information when in the direct sunlight. The price is also a bit steep when compared to the Upro Go.

Golf Buddy World Platinum Golf GPS

This golf GPS has the ability to produce great results, but it has major flaws that cannot be ignored. For starters the battery life is very limited, even after a full nights charge. The courses a very limited, only a handful of the courses had the option of viewing the entire hole. Many of the courses did not have very many targets positioned on them. But on the courses that did provide the target and hazard options the Golf Buddy GPS executed its job very well.

There are many golf GPS's out their claim to be the best, but out of the golf GPS reviews above the Callaway Upro Go is the real deal. Its works, and has been proven to be one of the top golf gps systems on the market today. If you still need more convincing your can read a very in depth Callaway Upro Go review which goes into much greater detail than I have here.

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