The Best GPS Device Available 2011

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A common question today is 'what is the best device in GPS technology available?' Well the answer to that question varies infinitely as one person may consider something good and another considers the same thing inferior. It is best to ask that question based on some common parameters like do you want an all round system? Are you willing to spend a little extra? Do you want a near custom made device?

As far as GPS devices go, Garmin, Magellan and Delorme are the top three manufacturers. For an all round GPS device, the GPSMAP 60CSx from Garmin Company is a good bet. It has high accuracy in coordinating locations, a clear color screen that is readable even in sunlight; it is waterproof so fish tracking under water can also be an option. Along with the preinstalled maps a storage device in the form of a memory chip can be inserted to store extra maps or instructions that you would like to download. But consider this only if your pockets are extra deeps as with its unique barometric altimeter and compass its price rockets.

The Explorist 500 LE from Magellan makes it to the second slot. Now the largest advantage to this hand held GPS navigator is its price tag, it costs about a third of the GPSMAP 60CSx. The explorist gets the job done even if it does not use the latest when it comes to software. Its screen size though is 2.25 squared inches and is readable in most lighting conditions. This also has capacity to insert a memory stick and is also waterproof. This device is sensibility over style.

Ranked number 3 is the Earthmate GPS PN-20 from Delorme Company. It is nearly as expensive as the number one device on the list but what sets this piece of navigating metal apart from the other two is the ability to show terrain, and it is surprisingly very clear on a 2.2 inch screen. The color display passed all tests when it came to readability and its accuracy isn't bad either. It doesn't weight much so carrying it around won't be a hindrance.

Now all of the devices listed above were based on all round perspectives, naturally you the buyer will have your own personal requirements and the best way to achieve this is by testing a product yourself or picking something that will be stronger in one area but may lack another feature.

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