Best GPS For Hiking 2011 ???

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Many hikers all around the world depend on a good GPS tracking device to navigate through the wilderness or other terrain when on hiking trips. It's common for a new hiker or one that has never used GPS to wonder what the best GPS for hiking would be. Having talked to many avid hikers and campers it's evident that there are certain features that are crucial to have in a dependable device. The following are some of the most commonly requested features for a good tracking device.

Weather Proof
Let's be honest, this isn't your everyday GPS unit that you will have suctioned to your windshield in a climate controlled environment. You need a device that's going to be able to withstand the weather and most importantly be able to resist water. If you are traveling near water and somehow dropped your GPS unit you will want it to not only be able to resist the water damage, but you will want it to float. Luckily, Garmin GPS makes many dependable devices with these features for the most avid hiker in the most treacherous terrain.

Accurate Mapping
The other requirement for the best GPS for hiking would be to have an accurately tracking mapping of the terrain. Unlike vehicle GPS units, these maps aren't of the local streets and local restaurants. For a good hiking device you will need accurate mapping of the most unknown terrain. Garmin provides the most up to date mapping available in their hiking devices so this is never an issue.

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