Best GPS Tom Tom Vs Garmin Review 2011

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The Global Positioning System, known as GPS has become so ubiquitous that we take their presence in cars for granted. Not just cars, we have standalone GPS that can be carried anywhere, which comes in handy when we are out exploring the roads. Most mobile phones come with GPS feature that we consider it mandatory for any mobile phone to possess this feature. The GPS devices in the present times provide additional features and not just positions. They provide us information about restaurants, fuel stations, and details of the nearby police station for our safety. We can even purchase units online that there is a soaring GPS sales online.

Tom Tom and Garmin are considered as leaders in the GPS market. With the rising demand for GPS units, either as standalone or as a part of mobile phone feature, the demand for additional features and enhanced quality has increased. The GPS device screen should be wide to enable easy navigation and they should be easily upgradeable. There must be sufficient internal storage, but the provision of expansion slots for SD is a requirement. It is no wonder that both of these gps systems are leading the market. It is even evident in the GPS sales online with the highest demand for these 2 models.

Both gps systems have 3.8-inch standard screen and 4.3-inch widescreen. It is most preferred to have a 4.3-inch widescreen display because of the convenience it offers in terms of maps navigation. The other important factor to consider is the size and portability. With Garmin 750 about 6.2 ounces and Tom Tom about 7.7 ounces, they are lightweight and portable. Nobody wants to carry a bulky GPS unit.

The worth and quality of any good GPS is measured by how good the maps are, which in turn is reflected in the GPS sales online. Tom Tom as well as Garmin comes with pre-loaded maps that are stored in the internal memory. But, with the rapid growth of concrete jungles, we cannot expect the places to remain the same and we cannot deal with obsolete landmarks in our GPS unit either. Tom Tom and Garmin have understood this importance. So, it is possible to update the maps via just a USB port. What more? We have extra flakes in the form of mp3 and picture viewers.

The unique thing about both the manufacturers is that both of them are pitted very well against one another. In some aspects Tom Tom has an edge over Garmin and vice versa. If total portability is the requirement then Garmin is preferred over Tom Tom. But, Tom Tom has map share feature, which enables users to give updates and point out errors in the map which is a very useful feature what with sudden changes being made to routes. So, basically it comes to either gps system supplies some of the finest gps devices.

The importance of Garmin and Tom Tom is such that most of the sites that do GPS sales online prominently advertise Garmin and Tom Tom. Some of the best deals that are offered online are for Garmin or Tom Tom. Many sites offer a huge array of models of Garmin and Tom Tom and briefly review their features too.

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