What is the Best GPS 2011 For Geocaching Families?

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Getting the best GPS for geocaching families really depends on the individual family member's specific athletic abilities and geocaching skill levels. Some families will have technically savvy members that can readily begin to use the most advanced high tech geo-equipped GPS units available today.

But, generally speaking, for most families, a basic uncomplicated handheld GPS unit will work just as well or better than a $1,000 model with every add-on known to man. In consideration for the younger and less techy members of your family, you may even prefer a simple entry-level unit.

One with just a few buttons to push will do just fine. Get one that isn't too difficult, confusing or fancy, and you'll have a happy geocaching family, in fact, the more basic, the better.

If your family falls in love with geocaching, and wants to spend vacations participating in this exciting popular sport, you can always upgrade later. By the way, geocaching is a wonderful inexpensive way to enjoy a terrific vacation with your family.

You can get a good, rugged, handheld GPS unit for under $200 and that's on the high side. If you scout around online for last year's models, you'll probably be able to get one for under $150.
Magellan and Garmin, the industry leaders, both have perfectly good out-of-date models that are very will suited for your family geocaching expeditions.

For tracking down a cache, a handheld unit will probably be the best GPS for geocaching families, that way the kids can hold the device, punch in the coordinates, and actually experience the thrill of following the directions.

If your family hasn't tried geocaching yet, you can't imagine how this popular treasure hunting game brings families together. Your family can even compete with other families to see who finds the cache first.

Since you'll be having children of all ages using the GPS device, you'll want to look for one that is:

1. Rugged enough to be banged around a lot.

2. You'll also want it to be waterproof, or, at the very least water-resistant, and it should float. Without a doubt, count on it, you'll at some point run in to foul weather, or the GPS will get dropped in a puddle or lake. Actually, this will probably happen numerous times.

3. It needs to be lightweight. Everyone in the family will want to take his or her turn using the GPS unit, and a few ounces can make a big difference when you're carrying the unit for a long ways.

4. It should be relatively inexpensive. If your family is anything like my family, with people of all ages using the GPS, there is a good chance that it will be either lost, misplaced or damaged. It's a lot easier to replace a $100 GPS unit than it is to replace a $1,000 system.

5. The screen should be easy to see. Get one with good contrast, so you can easily read the display.

The best GPS for geocaching families should have these five attributes. Just think for around $150 or so for the GPS unit and an Internet connection, you and your family can experience the fantastic treasure hunting game of geocaching for many years to come.

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