Track Your Teen Driver Best GPS System 2011

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Parents, do you wish you knew where your teenage driver was at all times, or be the proverbial "fly on the wall." Well you can, over the years there have been great advances in the GPS tracking industry. I am not talking about the well-known ones that you see in every store, newspaper and on TV.

I have found a company that provides a system that is totally user configurable and costs less than OnStar and LoJack while providing the benefits of both. What is nice about this device, it installs on any vehicle, motorcycle even an ATV. Additionally, it will work in 98% of the United States, Canada, Mexico and 180 other countries. This allows you the opportunity to follow your teen from the comfort of home or any internet capable device. Having teenage drivers in the family myself, I understand a parent's frustration when they have not made it home on time and are not where they should be.

Before equipping all my vehicles with this system, like any other parent, I had two choices. Sit and wait while biting my nails or drive around town in hopes of finding them, all the while thinking that something horrific has happen. I am sure any parent will agree, not knowing where your child is or if they are okay is the worst feeling you can have. Now you can have peace, in knowing no matter what the time or where they are, you can locate them instantly.

Initially developed as a fleet tracking system or asset tracking and accountability system it sold to large companies and government agencies. Now, made available to the public for the first time, you can posses the very same system. This is not a stripped down version, it contains all the capabilities of the commercial one. You can enjoy features like, remote control over your vehicle i.e. lock/unlock doors or disable the vehicle with a touch of a button and of course track via satellite picture or ground level mapping. You will also get instant notification if your vehicle is speeding or has left a predetermined boundary. Media links from the company web site show this system has aired on ABC and NBC news stations in addition to Discovery Channels It Takes A Thief show.

In my opinion, I believe this too be the most important single purchase a parent can make in regards to their teenage drivers safety. Parents if you are looking for a way to effectively track you teen or just want the best in all around GPS tracking, vehicle ant-theft or vehicle recovery systems on the market. Then look no further, I believe you will genuinely be impressed as I have been, with the value and power this system offers.

I am a parent like any of you reading this article. When my children reached an age they could drive, I was terrified. Therefore, I embarked on a mission to find an efficient way to protect them from themselves. The world has changed a great deal since we were that age, and teenagers in general do not have the respect I gave my parents. This is why I spent several months researching a way to watch over them, while giving them their freedom. From that research, I found one system that was above any other. I purchased that system, and can now rest assured that my children have the best technology protecting them. Check the company link below, for your own peace of mind.

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