What Are the Best Portable GPS Systems 2011?

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If you're interested in what are the best portable GPS systems, then you've come to the right place. I've been covering the GPS marketplace for the past few years. I've written literally hundreds of web articles about GPS devices and also written copy for several sites.

As far as the best portable GPS systems, this year we're seeing some really neat technical advances from giants like Garmin. We're also seeing the big three, Garmin, Magellan, and TomTom dominate the market place even more than in past years.

Right now, I would have to give the top picks all to Garmin and TomTom. Magellan certainly makes a find product, but they've not really introduced much that's truly innovative over the past year. Garmin and TomTom have, which is why I'm going to focus on them for the best portable GPS unit. Garmin first.

Garmin has made some really neat innovations on their GPS systems over the past couple of years. For instance, they have what they call a predictive technology, which lets the device lock onto the satellite signals faster. Also, they've got a nice line of voice recognition GPS systems-the nĂ¼vi 800's. I also, like their 1300 line a lot.

But Garmin's not only for upper end buyers. Their lower priced models, the 2X5 line, have features that we would have seen on only the most expensive models two years ago. You can get a very nice GPS system, for instance, from Garmin for $100-excellent maps, and plenty of bells and whistles.

We can't talk about the best portable GPS systems, however, without including TomTom. They've made some excellent strides in their user generated maps. But frankly, what I really like is their entry level model called the Tom Tom EASE. What's so cool about the TomTom EASE is its ease of use. Two taps and it's on and working to show you where you are. At what TomTom is charging for it, it's almost a no-brainer.

These are my picks for the best portable GPS systems. Hopefully, this will help you figure out what you should buy.

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