How to Shop For the Best GPS Navigation System 2011

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This article will hopefully help you locate the right model for your budget with all the GPS maps and software you need and start saving you money straight away.

Trying to find the right GPS navigation system can be hard. If you are not careful you will quite likely come away paying far to much for more than you need. Or worse, after spending out, 4 months down the line on your way to Bordeaux, you realise that you really should have bought that other model for £25 more. in the cheap GPS sale you had found.

You may very well be looking to upgrade or buy for the first time. Where do you start ? The amount of models available is breathtaking, all with the same ultimate goal. To get you from A to B. Many GPS navigation system features you will see are standard e.g. touch screen menu selection and data entry , pre programmed POI (point of interest) and any number of GPS maps.The problem lies when comparing the satellite navigation models.

The way I started was to think about the types of journeys I do. Business, pleasure, family, short and long. You then made a ranked short list of important things I required, and applied it to what model would make my life easier - and importantly, what will eventually save me time and money. Then applied my budget. In the end I didn't get the hyped up all singing and dancing model that I was attracted to and came £20 under my budget.

Ideally you should now have an idea of the features of the gps navigation system you are looking for. You will probably want to go online then and have a search about (whilst looking out for those cheap gps sales). You will soon find an entry level model that will cover most of your requirements. Importantly, you will get an idea of the price you might be paying. From then you can change your search criteria to go by price. This will then give you alternative makes and models at a similar level that you can then compare the gps devices.

There are many GPS navigation system manufacturers out there. The most reputed are Garmin, Tom Tom, and Magellan, with great software support and coverage maps. Huge online forums exist for any subsequent help. It is unlikely that you will make a bad decision in terms of quality, when buying from these companies.

Garmin probably supplies the market with the greatest amount of units. Their 27 model on board GPS navigation systems starts from a basic Nuvi 205 to Streetpilot 7200, with retail prices from £120 - £1000 ; and that is just for cars ! Many deals can be had if you shop around.

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